Outdoor decking

A façade as unique as its interior

Uplift the exterior of your property with a naturally unique outdoor deck. Our LUMBERmart Decking System bestows your façade with an inviting and elegant deck that stands the test of time. Every deck is made with an assortment of beautiful timber species that include Burmese Iron Wood, Belian, and African Green Heart; in panels measuring 6 feet or longer to create minimal joints for a more attractive look.

Unlike traditional decking that nails wood planks through the surface, we utilise the Blacktronz Fastening System that doesn’t require any surface nailing or screwing. This reduces rust or corrosion that appears on fixtures, while also removing the risk of your feet being scratched by an exposed screw or nail.

Our Decking System guarantees longevity, as we use a patented system that entails adding a secret layer beneath the deck to reduce moisture from the ground reaching the wood. Kiln-dried wood is also used because it resists warping, shrinkage, cracking or deformation, while reducing cupping and warping. With our 2-year warranty, you don’t have to worry about termites, timber decay or other issues.