A better partnering for better offerings.

Deep clean system


Have your floors professionally deep cleaned and with a powerful scrubbing machine and Bona’s specialty formulated professional wood floor deep clean solution.

  • Affordable
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No need to vacate your home
  • Keep floor looking their best
  • Furniture can be replaced immediately or cleaned around



Have your floors professionally recoated to extend the life and beauty of floors with wear or minor scratches.

  • Safely removes contaminants from your floor
  • Maintain and build a protective layer
  • Restore sheen and luster of floor
  • Safe for all types of wooden floors including pre-finished and engineered timber flooring

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When the surface of the floor is too worn or your choose to change your floor color, sand your wooden floor to create a smooth surface with our dust-free sanding system.

Choose the floor finishes system in your preferred sheen and durability.

  • Virtually eliminates airborne dust, which minimizes clean-up headaches and reduces airborne particulates that can be harmful to your health
  • No need to vacate the home during the process
  • Beautiful, durable finishes that highlight the true beauty  and elegance of wood


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Ensuring forever after

After installing the timber flooring of your dreams, LUMBERmart can continue to be involved in maintaining its beauty and condition. Through Vedkare, LUMBERmart offers an after-sales service that specializes in timber floor restoration and maintenance.

Your timber flooring can be renovated several times for a surface that looks and feels like new after each restoration. Even if the flooring seems to be in a poor condition, Vedkare is almost always able to restore it to its natural beauty.

With the Vedkare technology, there is no need to vacate your home during the restoration, thanks to Bona’s complete Dust Containment Systems (DCS) and waterborne finishes. The DCS system utilizes high-powered vacuums attached to the sanding equipment, eliminating the usual nightmare of airborne dust flying all over the house. Bona’s waterborne finishes are durable, odourless and do not turn yellow over time.

Trained with the latest methods and systems by Bona experts, our workforce maintains a high level of professionalism. Every team member goes through a comprehensive training course and is updated on any new technological discovery by Bona’s lead technicians from Sweden. Techniques in sanding, varnishing, replacement or general maintenance are of the same world-class standards practised by Bona of Sweden throughout its global network. With Vedkare, you can rest assured that we will send a team of professionals to your home each time your timber flooring needs some pampering.


A better partnering for better offerings

Since 2002, we have collaborated with Bona from Sweden. This partnership has led us to become the leading timber flooring provider in Malaysia, Singapore, and Asia Pacific regions.

Guided by Bona, LUMBERmart has invested in state-of-the-art machinery and advance coating systems that have raised the bar in the local timber flooring industry. This includes the Vedkare’s Dust Containment System where we can sand a floor virtually dust free, as well as the introduction of the latest oil-based coating that can be spot-repaired. A twice yearly comprehensive training programme guarantees that the transfer of expertise is kept updated. This symbiotic relationship reinforces our commitment to ensure that our clients in Malaysia benefit from the latest world-class offerings in timber flooring.