Check out: Backley x Thomas Hucker by LUMBERmart collection @ Archidex.

Originally published in, July 03, 2019

ARCHIDEX is a platform not just for professional architects and designers, but also for young talents to gather, build connections, attend informative talks, forums and inspiring exhibitions. Its significance is no less important to premier bespoke wood furniture and timber architectural solutions provider LUMBERmart.

Drummond side table

At this year’s ARCHIDEX, the brand showcased four signature pieces designed exclusively for the Backley x Thomas Hucker by LUMBERmart collection, three of which are the reinterpretations of Thomas’s previous works; the Credenza console table, Akiko side chairs and the Drummond side table. These limited editions, signed by Hucker, are made by hand using an exclusive selection of wood.

Akiko side chair

“Wood is, in my opinion, one of the great materials in existence. The timber selections at LUMBERmart are quite spectacular, and knowing that each grain, pattern and colour in every piece of wood will be unique is in itself extraordinary. It’s an astounding pleasure to work on materials of such quality and beauty,” said renowned furniture designer Thomas Hucker, who only produces eight wood masterpieces a year.

Credenza console table

Although the collaboration between LUMBERmart and Thomas had first begun some three years ago, this collection nonetheless marks the brand’s first designer partnership. It’s also worth noting that Thomas is so much more than merely a designer; the established Master Woodworker’s acclaimed work is permanently featured in New York’s museum of Arts and Designs, as well as in art galleries and other museums across the United States and Europe.

LUMBERmart also offers small wooden accessories like these cheese platters, from the Backley by LUMBERmart collection, inspired by marble cake

All four signature pieces from the Backley x Thomas Hucker collection will be showcased exclusively at ARCHIDEX from the 3rd to 6th of July at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Meanwhile, you can also check out the bespoke pieces from the Backley by LUMBERmart collection. These include small wooden accessories like these cheese platters inspired by marble cake, which are made from Germany Beechwood. For more information, visit


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