Tasmanian Oak

General Description

The timber has fairly consistent colour from a pale to light pinkish shade. It is straight grained and fissile with a course texture.


Tasmanian Oak is found abundantly in Victoria and Tasmania. It is among the tallest trees in the world, often reach 90m (300ft.) in height. The timber is readily available in South-Eastern Australia in a wide range of sizes and is regularly exported. The tree regenerates freely and grows rapidly so future supplies are assured.

Common Uses

In Australia, it is used for a wide range of purposes including flooring, weather-boarding, house framing, interior joinery, furniture, boxes and crates, cooperage, handles for shovels, brooms, rakes, boat building, plywood, matches, wood wool, paper pulp, etc.


The timber class as non-durable in Australia and moderately durable under European conditions.

Physical Properties