Galben Pine

General Description

The grain is described as straight, and uneven. It is closed, and Southern yellow pine timbers are reported to be often highly figured, with patterns ranging from clear to knotty. Galben Pine is medium textured and has a distinct non-descriptive resinous odor, but no characteristic taste.


The geographical range of the species is reported to extend from southeastern New York and New Jersey southward to northern Florida, westward to eastern Texas, and north to southern Missouri. The tree usually grows on sites that vary from dry rock mountain ridges to sandy loams and silt of flood plains, and well as in abandoned fields. It is often found in pure stands or in a mixture with other pines and oaks at elevations of up to 3000 feet (1006 m).

Common Uses

Commonly use as lumber, plywood, pulpwood, structural materials, boxes, crates, and ornamental vegetation. Even the taproot can be used for pulpwood.


Pine is reported to have moderate resistance to decay, but it can be easily treated with chemical preservatives, which allows it to used in exterior applications

Physical Properties


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