Sanding, Filling and Protecting

At Lumber Mart, we take great pains to deliver a perfectly installed floor. We collaborate with Bona of Sweden, the world’s largest producer of water based Polyurethane for wooden floor.  Bona coating has been used by the world’s most discerning customers from Buckingham Palace, the British Museum and to LA Lakers’ basketball arena. Bona  innovative sanding and protective finishes are the next steps in turning your solid timber floor into a real investment. Whether it’s Teak, Walnut, Merbau or Iron wood, once you’ve installed the timber flooring of your dreams, it’s time to protect its lasting beauty.

Once gaps and natural wood imperfections are expertly touched up with Bona special elastic fillers, your floor will be sanded down, leaving the entire surface smooth and uniformly flat. Bona innovative sanding technology and equipment promise minimal dust passes the most stringent European Union dust emission standards, making it a healthier option. Gaps and wood imperfections are then expertly touched up with Bona fillers.

The next process will be applying several layers of finish to seal the beauty of your timber flooring. Waterborne primers are first applied to seal up all the micro pores in the wood and to make a strong foundation for the top coat to rest on. This maximizes the ‘build’ from each application of coating; resulting in a stronger, more lasting finish, which not only enhances the beauty of your flooring but makes it a breeze to maintain.

With its GREENGUARD® certification, Bona products ensure better indoor air quality; a key consideration in the GBI standard. Customers can rely on the promise of Bona, because it is the world’s largest manufacturer of waterborne finishes since 1979, with more than a 50% share of the total global market. The Bona Mega waterborne PU finishes have all the good features of solvent-based finishes, without their hazards. Unlike solvent fumes that linger long after the flooring is done, causing damage to your brain and other vital organs, Bona waterborne finishes passes all European Union fume emission standards. Bona provides a full-range of coatings for residential, commercial and sports arenas timber floorings. It is good for the wood, yet is naturally healthy for you and your family.

Through extensive research and development, our patent pending metal clip system for outdoor timber decking is specially designed for tropical use where extreme outdoor elements decrease the lifespan of the timber.  It is proven to effectively minimize lipping, surface cracks and decay. It also reduces the risk of vermin building nest underneath the deck which is a common problem in tropical countries.