Corporate Profile

Lumber Mart Sdn Bhd commenced its operations in 1999. It was born from a partnership united by a passion for providing the Malaysian market with quality timber flooring. The timing coincided with the opportunity to provide the finishing touch for upscale homes furnishing. Lumber Mart began business by importing top quality raw timbers, which was then processed for sale to local and international markets.

Vision & Mission


In expanding our presence in the timber flooring industry, we endeavour to be the benchmark in quality and service standards. We aspire to establish our current headquarters in Kota Damansara as the regional hub for the best in timber flooring.


We strive to be a trusted corporate citizen that upholds our social responsibilities in promoting a healthy living environment at all times. At Lumber Mart we will continue our active role in reducing our carbon footprint by using only non-toxic waterborne coatings & varnishing products for all projects.


Our Strength

A great timber floor is made from great timber.

It’s as simple as that.

That’s why from the start, Lumber Mart set up purchasing stations right at the source of its quality timber supplies. We’re there where the timber is sourced, cut and graded. Close inspection and quality control ensures that only matured, top quality timber is selected.

Singapore Office